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Cultural Connections Through Commerce

Harambee Business Consultants

We take pride in helping people from all walks of life achieve the business opportunities and network between nations.

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Who We Are

Harambee Business is a women and minority owned business and political consulting firm based in the United States, specializing in making “Cultural Connections Through Commerce”

The mutual exchange of products, professional services, intellectual capital, technology and resources between Africans, African Americans, African descendants throughout the diaspora, and their respective resident countries.

We wish to positively transform intercontinental relationships through creating mutually benefiting commerce activities that will promote mutual respect, understanding, healing, nation building, and wealth creation.

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Our Vision

To foster respectful and mutually benefiting; intercontinental business, government, and philanthropic partnerships and commerce with Africans, Americans, African Americans, Africans throughout the diaspora and the countries they currently reside.

Our Mission

Cultural Connections Through Commerce

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What we Offer

Harambee Business provides end to end business and political consulting, including

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Identification of viable business opportunities in Africa and the United States

International Business to Business matching

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Expertise with business practices and structure in Africa and the United States

We are here to help you close the deal.

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We believe in the talent, beauty, resourcefulness, resilience and innovation of African Americans and Africans throughout the Diaspora.

We recognize the talent, beauty, resourcefulness, and innovation of our brothers and sisters throughout Africa.

We realize the value of intercontinental commerce: business, government, and non-profit partnerships between the United States of America and other countries where Africans throughout the diaspora reside, and countries throughout Africa.

We believe that mutually benefiting economic opportunity and cultural exchange that empowers Africans, African Americans, and Africans throughout the diaspora will advance the nation building and wealth creation necessary in reconciliation of past and present inequities.

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